Avant Garde Media is a professional sound recording studio based in Istanbul, Turkey. Since its development in 2010, with the two owners Zehra Aydın and Atakan Aydın in the lead, Avant Garde quickly became known to be one of the most successful dubbing studios in the industry.

Since our development, we have been dedicated in offering top quality Turkish dubbing, subtitling, and translation services mainly for contents like film, television series, animation, and documentaries for the emerging Turkish television and media market.

The Avant Garde recording studio facility utilizes the latest and the best sound equipment, and with our dynamic and hard-working crew and honorable voice talent, we are proud to say we really know how to thrive in the art of sound.

With the constant developments in the technological evolution, Avant Garde is always altering, innovating, and expanding to provide for the new trends in the media like the latest viewing experiences of online video-on-demand.

We also love to undertake side projects to push our creative boundaries and turn any forming idea in animation, multimedia, post production, and production into reality.

We are always happy to discuss potential opportunities, if you have a project you would like to collaborate on or an idea on an interesting project, we would love to hear from you!