Avant Garde’s recording content capabilities for Turkish dubbing includes:


Television Series



Cartoons (Film)

Cartoons (Series)


Corporate Videos

Our focus on recreating the illusion of the original content is prioritized from translation to mix. The script translations are made to match exact lip sync while our recordings with renowned Turkish voice-talents carefully adapt to the original essence of the rhythm, tone, and pace.

In the Turkish dubbing industry, Avant Garde is mainly known for its speed. Many of our clients are astonished by the quality of work we produce in such short amount of time. We get many emergency projects since we are absolutely reliable on this very aspect.

We have recordists, a technical and a cast team to work on any necessary night shifts and record until late hours in the night to suit the actors’ schedules, or to meet tight deadlines. Avant Garde is proudly one of the first studios in Istanbul to have a late-hours recording team.